1,200 Calories a Day Weight Loss Plan

If you are looking to lose weight the best route to do so is

High Nutrient and Low Calorie Foods

Arugula- Is high in fiber, vitamins, and potassium with only 4 calories per cup. Asparagus- Is

Want Great Looking Skin?

Antioxidants- Help decrease the visibility and effects pollutants in the environment have on your skin. Glycerin- Is one of the

Avoid Extra Calories During the Holidays

Fruitcake- They are ridiculously high in sugar, butter, and are often overly processed. Energy Drinks- Are

Seafood Paella- High Protein Recipe

Paella is one of Spain’s national dishes. Ingredients found in the Spaniard version of Paella include things like

10 Tips for Gym Motivation

Working out is not difficult once you enter through the gym doors. What is difficult is getting to

Are Your Abs Hiding Under Belly Fat?

Have you been working out your core, but are not seeing results? You are

Elimination of Intestinal Parasitic Worms

  The human body as disgusting as this may sound harbors parasitic worms. A truly retched image must

Stuffed Peppers-Low Calorie Recipe

On a diet? Or on a caloric deficit? Enjoy eating a meal packed with flavor but don’t want to compromise

13 Lies About Nutrition You’ve Been Told Over and Over

Before you throw yourself face-first into a pile